To utilize the medium of comic books and the subject of superheroes as a teaching/mentoring tool to engage at-risk youth in an alternative path to antisocial behavior and all youth in literacy, civic engagement and social development through a program that promotes positive values, education and violence prevention in an easily accessible format.


Our vision is a new effort within our communities that transforms the lives of the youth and provides a diversion for at-risk young people and a positive influence for all youth to be engaged in their community and the world around them. We believe this will lead to a decrease in the violence and an increase in positive directions for the young people in the Twin Cities. 

There will also be a new tool for community based organizations to utilize for youth engagement and development that will allow this type of work to have a broader impact than could be managed alone. 

Project Superhero Conferred Sullivan Ballou Award

On Thursday, March 13, 2014, Nnamdi Okoronkwo and Jonathan Palmer received the Sullivan Ballou Award for their volunteer work on Project Superhero in a small ceremony in North Minneapolis. Project Superhero is an initiative that utilizes superheroes and comic books as a way to engage at risk you and steer them towards positive paths, and promote literacy and civic engagement to all youth.

The Sullivan Ballou Fund gives $1000 awards to celebrate and affirm people acting from the heart. Recipients provide compassion, services, or advocacy to their local communities, the poor, homeless, children, victims of violence and mistreatment or the disabled. Some give of themselves to those around them through their art, their music, their words, or their presence. The Fund seeks to recognize and honor those individuals in keeping with the spirit of Sullivan Ballou, a soldier who died in the Civil War leaving behind a 
letter to his wife that perfectly expresses both the kind of soulful commitment to others and the pure joy of being alive that reflect our highest nature.

Read about the selection of Okoronkwo and Palmer at the 
Sullivan Ballou website by clicking here. Read the press release from the award by clicking here. For more information on Project Superhero, visit the website here.